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X-Trem N
x-trem N
Cut your Nitrogen need by 30%

X-Trem (N) is especially designed to activate micro-organisms in the ground while allowing the uptake of avallable nutrients by your culture.
X-Trem (N) should be applied to the ground in autumn which will enable all plant materials to be transformed into ready feed material for next year’s planting, while using an ecological technique.
X-Trem (N) is a growth stimulator and when applied to the soil, it is a composting activator.
X-Trem (N) is an excellent inoculant and growth promoter. With a foliar application or by irrigation, this will allow you to cut your urea needs (fixed Nitrogen) by 30%.

Product must be shaken
before usage.
Product must be preferably diluted in warm water.
Product is sensitive to frost.
Store in warm and dimly lit area.

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