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X-Trem mutli-actions 1-2-3

x-trem multi-actions 1-2-3 solution
Liquefier, eliminator, fortifier

Liquefier of your manures & composts using a process of homogenisation.
Eliminator of ammoniac & hydrogen sulfur gases. (Bad Odors)
Fortifier of all micro-organisms already contained in your manure & compost (Bacterial Activator)

X-TREM MULTI-ACTION 1-2-3 aids in stimulating bacteria, leading to increased cell division of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria crucial for the homogenization of manure and nitrogen, then releasing the nutritious elements with its process of rapid mineralization thus making them available to plants. By doing so, the fixation of nitrogen by soil bacteria is facilitated and the risk of leaching decreased.
X-TREM MULTI-ACTION 1-2-3 significantly reduces ammonia fumes and hydrogen sulphide which in turn dramatically reduces odors.
X-TREM MULTI-ACTION 1-2-3 strengthens, increases and sustains micro-organisms contained in manure.
X-TREM MULTI-ACTION 1-2-3 is absolutely safe for humans, animals, plants or waterways.
X-TREM MULTI-ACTION 1-2-3 is a fortifying product that is purely organic produced from REVITALISED HOMEOPATHIC FORMULAS.

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