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Bioxy Enviro
Product Approved by Health Canada
DIN # 02431734

BIOXY ENVIRO is a powdered product which, once dissolved in water, produces three active disinfectants; a peroxyacetic agent, hydrogen peroxide and two fourth generation quaternary chains, all at a substantially neutral pH, thus safe for users.

BIOXY ENVIRO is a disinfectant used for hundreds of applications in the farming community, such as fumigation, foot baths, cleaning and general disinfection. The powder decomposes quickly and leaves no trace in the environment, in addition to having no microbial resistance.

BIOXY ENVIRO is champion against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. In addition to being safe, it is very effective in the presence of biofilm, dirt and other contaminants and is a good substitute for toxic products such as glutaraldehydes, aldehydes and corrosive chlorine products.

BIOXY ENVIRO can be used in cattle, pigs or poultry and in many other places, such as in a veterinary clinic.
Virtually odorless, a perfect solution for users as well as for animals.

Our products are distributed around the world.

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